Special Open Enrollment Period



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Find The Right Plan that fits for you and family. It is a short period of time The Open Enrollment is Open now. Above the account & enrollment.
What is a special enrollment period?
Eligible consumers can sign up through a special enrollment window if they experience a qualifying life event.
You can apply for a health plan outside open enrollment (or make changes to your current plan) if you’ve experienced one of these qualifying life events, usually within the last 60 days. Or, find out if you qualify for Medi-Cal.
Although there are many life changes that would allow consumers to enroll in quality health coverage through Covered California right now.
I want to highlight some of the more common qualifying life events and those available due to the ongoing public health emergency: 
  • Public Health Emergency Extension and

       In response to continued impacts of the COVID-19 pandemic. The U.S. Health and         Human Services Agency on 7/18/2022 extended The National Public Health                     Emergency (PHE) an additional 90 days through October 13, 2022

  • A national public health emergency currently exists, as proclaimed by the Health and Human Services Agency

  • California State of Emergency & SEP Reminders

  • Californians affected by a natural or human-caused disaster that results in a Governor’s State of Emergency proclamation may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) for 60 days from the date of the proclamation under the exceptional circumstances qualifying life event (QLE). This includes the recent wildfires in impacted counties & The Recent Public Health Emergency Proclamation for the Monkeypox outbreak and the State of Emergency proclamations for wildfires in impacted counties.

Move Within California
  • You move to California from out of state.

  • You move within California and gain access to at least one new Covered California health insurance plan.

A Child is Born or Adopted
  • A child is born, adopted or received into foster care. The entire family can use the special-enrollment period to enroll in coverage.

  • If you receive a child in foster care, you will need to indicate “adopted a child” in the drop-down menu when you apply.

  • For the birth or adoption of a child, or acceptance of a child into foster care, you can choose to have coverage start on: 


  1. The first day of the month following the birth, adoption, or placement in your foster care of a child.

  2. On the date of the birth, adoption or placement in foster care.

  3. On the first day of the month following plan selection. 

Married or Entered into Domestic Partnership
  • One or both members of the new couple can use the special-enrollment period to enroll in coverage.

Turned 26 Years Old
  • You turn 26 years old and are no longer eligible for a parent’s plan.

Lost or Job Income
  • If you lost your job-based coverage, your coverage will start on the first day of the month after you select a plan.

Lost Health Insurance


  • You lose Medi-Cal coverage.

  • You lose your employer-sponsored coverage.

  • Your COBRA coverage is exhausted. Note: Not paying your COBRA premium is not considered loss of coverage.

  • You are no longer eligible for student health coverage.

  • You turn 19 years old and are no longer eligible for a child-only plan.

Current Employees who Experience a Life Event
  • You are already enrolled in a Covered California plan and become newly eligible or ineligible for tax credits or cost-sharing reductions.  

  • You are already enrolled in a Covered California plan and you lose a dependent or lose your status as a dependent due to divorce, legal separation, dissolution of domestic partnership, or death.

Gain Citizenship or Lawful Presence


  • You become a citizen, national, or lawful permanent resident.

Return from Active Military Service
  • You have lost coverage after leaving active duty, reserve duty, or the California National Guard.