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Covered California and Medi-Cal use the same application. That means that once you apply, you’ll find out which program you qualify for. Some households qualify for both. Contact us and remember your Zip code is very important. Your Income for last year starting 2022 and also how many family members will need health insurance. 


Health Insurance/Eleven (11) Insurance Companies in the Market Place for Individual & Family & Six (6) for Small Business trough Covered California Enrollment. Get a quote is simple and easy! Also to enroll Online use Agent Lic. number or Broker Lic. number for Small Business.

Agent of record request for Small business Here.

Add or Remove a Delegated Enroller (IMPORTANT).

Download here fill out an HBEX 403 Form to add an agent.
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Individual and Family, enroll today!

Individual & Family Apply Now.

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Health Insurance for Individuals & Families or Small Business

Find insurance coverage now that’s right. Ideal for all of you to view our coverage and benefits.

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Are you prior age of 65? offers many choices to fit your needs. You can also find additional Insurance Plans to complete your coverage. 

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Whether you are considering get a health insurance, life or accident is important to understand the different products available that fit your needs. How to consider that part of making decisions and step forward.

Starting in 2020, California residents must either:

  • Have qualifying health insurance coverage, or

  • Pay a penalty when filing a state tax return, or

  • Get an exemption from the requirement to have coverage.

The penalty for not having coverage the entire year will be at least $800 per adult and $400 per dependent child under 18 in the household when you file your 2021 state income tax return in 2022. A family of four that goes uninsured for the whole year would face a penalty of at least $2,400.

The penalty will be applied by the California Franchise Tax Board. For information about the penalty, including the amount your family could owe for not having coverage, visit the Franchise Tax Board’s website and use their Penalty Estimator Tool.

In case encountering a life event >
THE TYPES of Life events are: 
  • Lost of income due to covid-19
  • Lost of health coverage
  • Move within California
  • Child new born
  • Adoption 
  • Foster care
  • Affected by wild fires
  • 26 years old or less
  • Married or enter to a domestic partner
The days for enrolling and submitting your application are really important.
Call for consultation our team of professional Agents are here to help you enroll & bring the support you need. 
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  • Our product portfolio offers individuals and families a wide choice of health plans.
  • Deductible and deductible plans with health savings account (HSA) options.
Do you qualify for a special
enrollment period?


  1. In general, you can only change or apply for health care coverage during the yearly open enrollment period. But if you have a qualifying life event, you may be able to change or apply for coverage for a limited time before or after this event occurs. This is called a special enrollment period.


   2. To qualify for a special                           enrollment period, you must:

  • Have a qualifying life event

  • Have proof of your life event.

  • Like lost your job, married or Moving to a Kaiser Permanente service area

  • Apply within 60 days of your life event

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Daughter & Grandson
Individual & Family
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  • Get quotes
  • Summary of benefits
  • Coverage

A History of Excellence 

From its establishment in 1905 by William L. Moody, Jr., American National has built a strong foundation of prudent investment and regular growth.


  • American National’s financial strength and operating integrity have positioned it as a leader in the insurance industry.


  • American National offers innovative insurance and related financial products, customer-focused service, and ranks among the larger life insurance companies in the United States.

Product Overview


ANICO Signature Term Life Insurance is a competitive term life insurance product with 10, 15, 20, and 30-year level premium terms as well as an Annual Renewable Term (ART) option. In addition, the ANICO Signature 


  • Highly Competitive Premiums

  • ART provides life insurance for short term needs.

  • Conversion Credits available. 

  • Term to Term Conversion (ART)


ANICO Signature Term Life Insurance


Key Facts





ART - 18-65
10 Year Level Term Period - 18-70
15 Year Level Term Period - 18-65
20 Year Level Term Period - 18-60
30 Year Level Term Period - 18-50

Small Business

  • Plans and products

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  • coverage

  • New online quote tool

  • Forms

Health Plans/Vision & Dental



Save time!


What You Need to Apply for Small Business


To apply, employers will need:

  • Their employer's name, as reported to the California Employment Development Department.

  • Their federal Employer Identification Number (FEIN) and state Employer Identification Number (SEIN).

  • A copy of their local business license.

  • A DE-9C reconciled by the employer.

  • The total number of employees.

  • The total number of full-time employees.

  • The total number of part-time employees working 20 to 29 hours per week (if offering part-time employees' coverage).

  • Their employee roster, including addresses, hire dates, dates of birth and Social Security numbers or tax identification numbers.

  • Dependent information (if offering dependents coverage), including the dependents’ dates of birth to determine their age.


  • Small Business Apply Now.

  • Individual & Family Apply Now.

  • Add or Remove a Delegated Enroller?

The insurance protection you need when you’re on the move. 


More financial help for just about everyone.

Open enrollment is happening now — sign up today.

Children's Dental

Dental coverage for children is included with their health plans. 


Family Dental Care

Select a type of plan to find out how much you’ll pay.

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