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Californians affected by a natural or human-caused disaster

Covered California

Sep 8, 2022

State of Emergency (SEP) Special Enrollment Period

Californians affected by a natural or human-caused disaster that results in a Governor’s State of Emergency proclamation may qualify for a Special Enrollment Period (SEP) under the exceptional circumstances Qualifying Life Event. This includes the recent State of Emergency proclamations for wildfires in impacted counties. To access this on the Special Enrollment page of the CalHEERS Application, select “Other qualifying life event”; then enter the “Reason for Other” and the date of the qualifying life event.

During the Special Enrollment Period, Certified Enrollers may assist all consumers eligible for a Special Enrollment; they do not have the ability to complete new or in-progress applications without a defined Qualifying Life Event. Please reference our Special Enrollment Period Toolkit which has valuable information to help you assist in enrolling consumers who experience a Qualifying Life Event.

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